BBB tips to avoid puppy scams

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Gifting presents that your loved ones will love and cherish is important. Many people are shopping with that mindset heading into the holidays and gifting an animal, especially a puppy may be the best gift to give to some.  

I spoke with Whitney Quick regional director of the better business bureau, who says that scammers are getting big money out of people through puppy scams. 

“Insurance for shipping the pet or maybe a new container for the pet just things like that to where they can keep going back and asking for money for it,” said Quick. 

To avoid losing a ton of money on puppy scams this winter, quick shares some valuable tips. 

 “First and foremost, make sure that you’re visiting these facilities because that’s going to kind of give you an insight as to how the puppies have already been taken care of,” said Quick. 

Along with looking an the facilities, you can also, set up a video call to see the animal, 

Do a reverse image search, and research the breed the cheapest may not be the best option. But quick says there is another option. 

“Course adopt don’t shop we have animal shelters all over this region … you can go spend time with the animal before you adopt them and really kind of contribute to taking care of the problem of homeless animals so that is definitely something to keep in mind this season,” said Quick. 

If you do find yourself a victim to an online puppy scams. 

Quick says to make sure to a site dedicated to helping shut down scammers resell sites.   

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