BBB warns of COVID-19 test scams

Scammers are creating lookalike websites similar to the new Biden administration's free COVID-19 testing program.
computer keys spelling out the word scam (Source: Storyblocks)

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Better Business Bureau is warning people of a new scam that includes fake COVID-19 test websites.

Scammers are creating lookalike websites similar to the new Biden administration’s free COVID-19 testing program.

The scam BBB warns of includes ads on social media, texts, emails that urge people to request free tests by clicking on the link. The scammer’s website will look very formal and may even include a United States Postal Service logo, similar to the real website.

Unlike the real website, the website may ask for personal information including your Social Security number or Medicare ID. BBB says the website might also ask for credit card information, saying people need to pay for shipping.

The real page,, will not ask for any form of payment or a Social Security number.

BBB gives some tips on how to avoid fake websites:

  • Look closely at the domain name – Scammers may slightly misspell the domain name to make it seem like it’s the real website.
  • Watch out for tricky subdomains – Scammers may use a subdomain name to hope people won’t notice the real domain name.
  • The real website asks only for your name and address – The real website will not ask for any payment.
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