Benton Neighbors Day event

BENTON, Mo. (KBSI) – The annual Benton Neighbor-Day was a 3-day event that concluded this afternoon with a parade that brought out the joy of the community. 

Benton Neighbor-Day participant Robert Garces came out for his 10th  year and he says it gets better every year. 

“Gets better every year and I mean people here are awesome I mean we gather here and then we after that this parade we go to the carnival and we have a good time,” said Garces. 

The parade included firefighters and businesses.  

The weekend of events included carnival rides, pageants, a 5k race, and more  

Garces said the parade is great because it helps introduce the community together. 

“They’re introducing the community you know I’m saying we got Kelly you know we got all the police officers that you know the fire chiefs and all them you know I’m saying all the community you know we support all,” said Garces. 

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