Better Business Bureau warns drivers of parking ticket scam

CAPE GIRARDEAU (KBSI) – Whitney Quick, regional director of Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau, saya a new scam is targeting drivers.

“Scammers are using fake technology to create fake parking tickets that look surprisingly official,” she said.

Here’s how it works: Once you park your car in a legal manner and walk away, scammers use high-tech hand-help printers to make a fake ticket and leave it on your car’s windshield, expecting you to pay a fee you don’t even owe.

“The phony citation usually includes how to pay online, or it asks for PayPal, so this should bring up a red flag for you because typically we don’t get to pay our parking tickets on PayPal,” Quick said. “So, that should be the first red flag.” 

Quick said the phony citation sometimes asks folks to pay using a QR code that leads to a fake website that steals your personal information. It is best practice to pay your tickets in person to avoid being scammed.

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