Better Business Bureau warns of breast cancer charitable scams

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – October marks breast cancer awareness month.

While various “pink products” and charitable organizations are a plenty, Whitney Quick, regional director in Cape Girardeau, warns to be diligent in research and making purchases and/or donations.

“So, this week, we are going to talk about breast cancer awareness and buying products. Whenever you are purchasing products, one thing to make sure of is [to] make sure that somewhere on the product it says where it [contribution] is going to, who it is going to, [and] at that point, you can research the organization and see how much is going to the cause, so that may be breast cancer research or breast cancer programs,” said Quick.

Research is vital this time of year, Quick added, as scamming artists are licking their chops to divert funds.

Because we don’t want to waste our money, if we can just donate directly to the organization,” said Quick.

If you are suspicious, Quick said there are multiple outlets to contact.

Added Quick: “You can go to; you can go to to look up any breast cancer charity organizations that you would like to give to. During this time, be very careful about any long appeals that are very emotional. If somebody is not clear where the money goes to, things like that. Because there are some of those organizations that are not real and are only out there this time of year to get money in the name of breast cancer awareness.

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