Cape Girardeau Chiefs fans celebrate Super Bowl victory

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Many people came together at a Cape Girardeau social house to watch the Kansas City Chiefs become Super Bowl champions for the second time in four years Sunday night.

A server at Dogwood Social House says most of the fans watching the game were Kansas City Chiefs fans.

“It’s been pretty smooth. Most people when Super Bowl comes around, they want to say home. They want to enjoy their family time with all their friends and family and stuff like that. Serving wise, it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty smooth. Everyone was paying attention to the game and everything. Other than that, it was pretty simple. Just like a normal day at work,” said Ian Wilburn, a server at Dogwood Social House. “We had one Eagles fan. Everyone else was Chiefs fans.”

Allison Dossett is another server at Dogwood Social House.

“I came in at 5 and I’d say it was pretty busy for a typical Sunday. So, I just got right in to the groove and picked up a couple of tables and next thing you know, I had nine. Being today, I was very occupied and I still got to enjoy the game at the same time and interact with my tables,” Dossett said.

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