Cape Girardeau woman brings singing telegrams back in business

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – In 1933, singing telegrams became a way of the future, formerly known for reporting deaths, singing telegrams became a happier way of sending a message.

Flash forward to 2023 and the trend is popping up again.

With over 20 million views Joy Brooker, known on TikTok as #TheJoyBrookerShow, has brought the side gig of singing telegrams back to life.

“Honestly it’s quite bizarre because it was just another day at work for me,” said Joy Brooker.

Brooker has nearly 250,000 followers online, entertaining many people. But what makes this singing heart special? She lives and entertains in the Southeast Missouri Area making her dreams come true.

“I put it on there and before I knew it within the hour it had a million views, so I was like ‘uh-oh this is going to be pretty big,'” she said.

“She does it in a way that is extremely entertaining,” said Jarrod Chandler, co-owner of the Digital Foundry.

Brooker works as a social media specialist. With a background in comedy and music, she simply put the two together and found what she loves, working on her singing telegrams for the past four years.

Chandler says Brooker knows just what the people want.

“Because if the end user is entertained, it makes it such a valuable piece of content,” he said.

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