Cape Martial Arts programs for kids and events for adults

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – With summer in full effect, many parents are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the free time their kids have now. But one local business is trying to change that. 

Cape Martial Arts is much more than just a combat gym. 

Cape Martial Arts coach Tony Kaines says they are focused on child development in areas such as emotional and social development as well as adult enrichment, with goal setting and personal development through their fitness programs. 

Their summer program shows just that by having physical and creative activities for children and parent’s night for adults. 

“Let us entertain them for two to three hours and give the parents an opportunity to have some private time or be able to run a task or as some of the parents have told us sometimes just go home and take a nap,” said Kaines. 

 Kaines says that the reason for these programs is to make up for a previous lack of summer activities for kids in the community. 

“We try to provide and fill that gap by giving them something and then we also try to use those events to give back to the community,” said Kaines. 


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