Car theft on the rise throughout Cape Girardeau


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Vehicle theft is a problem, no matter what the thermometer shows. But as the weather warms up, it seems to be noticeably different. 


Bobby Newton, Cape Girardeau public information officer, says that the weather might not correlate with the crime but being forgetful might.  


“Most of them are crimes of opportunity; you know, a lot of folks will leave the vehicle running in the wintertime to warm up the vehicle or defrost,” he said.


Vehicle thefts in the last few years have increased in the Cape Girardeau community. 


Newton says that crimes are mostly just crimes of opportunity. Sometimes it’s just random people walking by and checking to see which cars are on and open.   


“So, the best advice is to want to lock up your vehicle, remove your keys, don’t leave any spare keys inside your vehicle, and then also don’t leave your vehicle running. So, for example, if you are at a gas station and you’re going to run in for a minute, shut the vehicle off, make sure all the windows rolled up, and take the keys with you,” added Newton.


The Cape Girardeau police department has the tools to quickly look for stolen cars. 


But as well as turning off your car and locking the doors, being aware of what you leave in the car is important. 


So, take all valuable items such as electronics or bags inside.


“Lock up your vehicles; do not leave valuables laid out in plain sight, you know? If you leave it person or vehicle, put in the trunk you know it’s best to take it out but sometimes you can’t always do that,” concluded Newton.


Newton lastly says to remember if you see something suspicious to call the Cape Police Department at 573-335-6621. 

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