Carlisle-McCracken counties help in community addiction recovery

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI) – Kentucky is getting a boost in funding to help efforts to fight drug addiction throughout the commonwealth.

The attorney general of Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, first released news of a multi-billion dollar settlement in February.

In most of April and June the $483 million is being administered through the state and local governments.

In local communities like Carlisle County the sheriff’s department is releasing information once a month for addiction recovery, such as where to find a meeting or how to receive help.

“I don’t necessarily believe that all addicts are bad people,” said Carlisle County Sheriff Will Gilbert. “I believe they’ve made some bad choices. I would much rather someone go to one of these programs and get the help that they need before we arrest them.”

McCracken County Chief Deputy Ryan Norman says they have a program called Badges of Hope where citizens can reach out to officers requesting help for recovery immediately versus having to wait for the next meeting.

Chief Norman says the law enforcement officers would go to calls with people asking for help for recovery. With officers not having a lot of avenues to help, now they can.

“Anytime somebody comes to us proactively, and wants to seek help with substance abuse disorder, we will give them a ride to a treatment facility,” said Chief Deputy Norman.

Carlisle County Sheriff Gilbert says they are always looking for new resources to rely on in helping those in need. If you know anyone that could help, contact the Carlisle County Sheriff’s Department via Facebook messenger or call 270-628-3377.

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