City of Jackson on “new directional signs” in recent public hearing

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – The City of Jackson and Board of Aldermen conducted a public meeting on Tuesday, September 6.

The meeting consisted of several discussion items, but some topics were unable to be discussed as several board members were absent.

One item was new proposed road signs around Uptown Jackson which will help people know where to go.

“So, we believe that by providing signage the Uptown District will be able to follow through on our overall goal, which is to bring people to Uptown Jackson, which is to shop, eat, visit, and play,” explained Janna Clifton, Executive Director of Uptown Jackson Revitalization Organization (UJRO). “Some of the directional signage we would like to see would be for food, for shopping, for parking, the city cemetery, the Oliver house, the courthouse the city park, the train and of course our office.”

A draft memorandum of understanding was developed by the city of Jackson for two phases of the Savers Farm Division Private Estates.

Previous and future phases are outside of the city limits but phases 8 and 9 are currently within the city limits.

“The developer will construct everything basically according to code within development. They will be aware that even though they are in the city they do not get everything that usually you get in the city,” Janet Sanders mentioned.

Before the final decision is made, a discussion with the rest of the board members is required in the following month.

Several other topics were discussed including continued updates on the emergency operations plan, east main street sidewalk connection project and the discussion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

Board of Aldermen meetings take place every first and third Monday at 6 p.m. at the Jackson City Hall.

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