Commonwealth Gov. Beshear signs bill banning gaming machines

FRANKFORT, Ky. (KBSI) – Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed a bill into law banning gaming machines in gas stations, restaurants, and bars.

There currently are three forms of legal gaming in Kentucky, including the state lottery, charitable gaming, and pari-mutual wagering on horse racing.

House Bill 594 bans so-called “gray machines” and make them illegal in the Commonwealth. It also implements a $25,000 fine for those operating the machines.

Said Beshear: “”The reason is they are entirely unregulated; I don’t believe they were legal. Yet they came into Kentucky and just set up and were taking dollars from Kentuckians and taking them out of state with zero regulation, zero taxation, zero system to help those that might develop any issues from using them or from gambling.”



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