Concerns rise as homicide rate increases in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Within the past eight weeks, three recorded homicides took place in the city of Cape Girardeau.

Many are concerned that these deadly crimes are at an increase in 2022.

According to the Cape Girardeau Police Department (CGPD), the annual average of homicides for Cape Girardeau is four and in August of this year, the homicide rate was two, but within the past eight weeks, that number increased by three.

“Three in the last eight weeks is three more than we would want,” says Cpl. Ryan Droege with the CGPD. “For the year, that’s put us at five up to this time frame. We’ve looked at the past 10 years of data and around this time we have been averaging four a year, so it is one more than our average from the last 10 years. But again, its five more than we want for the year, it’s three more than we want for the last eight weeks.”

As these crimes increase, citizens are concerned for their own safety asking the questions: “What should we do?” and “Are we safe from harm?”

Corporal Droege explains that homicides are different from any other crime, as these are more targeted than accidental.

“Homicide is a crime; it’s not like car break-ins where you can take your valuables out of your car, or you can lock your car and you pretty much can guarantee you’re not going to have your car broken into. There’s so much more nuanced, so much more complex, and intricate than that involves so much interpersonal dynamics and relationships is hard really on our end … [We] do anything to mitigate as much as we can. We can try and educate. We can try and mediate and help people out,” continues Droege.

Homicides may be increasing slightly, but according to the CGPD, citizens should not worry, but continue to stay safe.

“It’s  always good to be mindful of your safety when you’re out and about in public, but no, there’s been nothing in our city happening that should cause anyone to have a greater fear or concern for themselves.”

According to, the chances are 1-in-109 that a Cape Girardeau resident will fall victim to a violent crime.

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