Creek Crawl provides unique educational opportunity at Whitewater Creek

MILLERSVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – Whitewater Creek in western Cape Girardeau County provided a wonderful spot for the Cape Girardeau Nature Center’s Creek Crawl on Friday. 

Naturalist Angela Pierce said this event is designed to provide an educational opportunity through exploration and discovery. 

“All of our programs we host at the nature center, we try to involve some sort of exploration, hands-on component because we believe that experiential learning is so important,” she said. “Getting out in nature, discovering nature for yourself, exploring really can help people form that connection and hopefully help us improve our streams and other habitats.” 

Participants explored the creek, using nets provided by the Nature Center to catch creatures like minnows and crawfish…plenty of crawfish.

“This just gives folks a chance to come out to one of our amazing streams that we have here in Missouri and get to see the animals that live here up close,” Pierce said. “Not only are we exploring and having fun, but we’re actually taking part in citizen science, as well.” 

Benjamin Rhodes, his wife Brittany and their four children, who moved to Cape Girardeau from New Orleans last year, took part in the Creek Crawl.

Benjamin said the opportunities for exploration in Missouri are plentiful. 

“You can get on TV and you can see what’s out all over the world, but to be able to experience it here in our state, specifically in our area, it shows kids that you don’t have to go across the world,” he said. “You can come right here to our own area of the state, and you can experience a lot of the wildlife that’s here. It’s just beautiful.” 

With temperatures approaching 100 degrees, of course there had to be some time reserved for a little swimming. 

“The water feels fantastic when you jump in, when it’s rushing over your feet, or maybe you slip and fall in, but it feels great to cool you down, especially this summer, it’s been brutal,” Rhodes said. “It’s been really nice to be out here.”  

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