Family holds march, search for missing son Timmy Dees

FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. (KBSI) – A mother was joined by community members Sunday to march and research for her 26-year-old son who has been missing for months.  

Barbara Hall was joined by the community and family members to march for her son Timothy Dees, also called Timmy She remembers her son as a loving individual. 

“He was loving. He was always for the underdog. He liked to dance. He loved music,” said Hall. 

 Timmy has been missing since February 28, 2022. Barbara says her son stayed in contact with her and his father no matter what. But when she didn’t hear from him after a few days she knew something was wrong. 

I just knew he was missing. There was no way. I mean that Sunday I talked to him. Monday I hadn’t heard from him. Tuesday I went to church. I came home and I felt deathly sick. I mean just sick I knew something was wrong,” said Hall. 

Stop Needless Acts of Violence Please (S.N.A.P) founder Felice Patton came out with her organization to support and pray before the walk. Patton, who has lost a son herself, wanted to show Hall she wasn’t alone. 

“Let her know that we’re here and that she’s not alone so it means everything to see all the people support,” said Patton. 

Hall has been feeling that support in person and on social media since her son’s disappearance.  

She says she has been sitting in front of the Madison County courthouse, at least three times a week since Timmy has gone and community members have brought her items to show their support of her. They have also shared stories of their own worries within the town.   

Barbara hopes to find her son but anything that will get her one step closer will help. She says these moments remind her of Timmy’s desire to leave a lasting legacy.  

“And I go back to that a lot since this has happened and I think well maybe this is what Timmy’s legacy is, to get change and something to change because there’s definitely some problems and some laws that need to be changed,” said Hall. 

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