Grant opportunity for law enforcement

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Southeast Coalition for Roadway safety is offering a grant opportunity to local law enforcements.

The grant will allow local law enforcement agencies to get funding for more roadway safety equipment.

Agencies can send an application to the Coalition. The equipment may include portable breath testing devices and other safety devices.

“When you consider the traffic crashes or fatalities we are in about the same percentages as we were last year,” said Sgt. Clark Parrott, Public Information Officer. “But we have been on a rise for the last several years and anything we can do to reduce those numbers is

going to help all of us. Because all of us are ultimately affected by traffic crashes.”

Twenty five counties in the Southeast Region are eligible for the grant.

The application process starts on April 11 and will end on June 10.

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