Greenlight Dispensary in Cape Girardeau celebrates 420 Day

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The first two lines of the sign in front of Greenlight Dispensary read, ‘Happy 420, best week of the year,’ and for places like Greenlight, it certainly is. 

Greenlight General Manager Sara Gunther-Jackson said in addition to having fun, this first 420 since the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Missouri provides a prime opportunity for the dispensary to further one of its goals. 

“We are so happy to see this and help continue to remove the stigma around it,” she said.

Gunther-Jackson also said dispensaries allow people to celebrate this day in a safe manner. 

“We really want to see that illicit market completely eliminated and people be able to have safe access to safe, tested product,” she said.

Caleb Faries has been working at Greenlight for about 18 months. He was the first medical patient the dispensary served and eventually worked his way into a budtender role. 

He described what makes his job so rewarding. 

“The happiness and joy it brings to people,” he said. “People coming in and saying they don’t drink alcohol anymore, they found a new thing to help alleviate pain and whatnot, helping people get off of certain pharmaceuticals that can lead to other bad problems for them.” 

And that happiness and joy is only amplified on this day, a day to celebrate new freedoms and share that celebration with the community. 

“It’s been a really busy day,” Gunther-Jackson said. “We were slammed this morning, and it’s just been awesome to be able to serve our entire community.” 

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