Groves House Halloween decorations return to Cape Girardeau block

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – The freaks and creepy crawlies come out at night, and they might all be gathered on one block in Cape Girardeau. 

Brookwood Drive in Cape Girardeau has all the creepy themes you can think of in these neighboring yards. 

The man behind it all Kevin Groves said he first got the inspiration to do these decorations because of his wife.  

“About 10 years ago because I used to decorate a little bit and she’s like why you don’t do that anymore and so I got into it and kind of went a little crazy,” said Groves.  

Groves also said once he puts up the decorations visitors from all over come by to see the yards.  

“They all hear about it and come and look at it and you know it makes you feel good to know that people appreciate all the hard work” 

You can visit Kevin Groves on for more information on this attraction. 

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