Heroes for Kids Comic Con back for a third year

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – The Heroes for Kids Comic Con is more than just a convention. 

Director Lonnie Johnson, who has worked in law enforcement for 20 years, said this event serves a purpose greater than itself. 

“A lot of kids see Superman or Batman, but then they don’t really consider our law enforcement or our firefighters or first responders as heroes, so what better way to be able to bridge that gap and be able to do that,” he said.

The comic con raises money for different charities each year. Proceeds from this iteration will go to Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Community Counseling Center Foundation. 

Director Dennis Manning said that besides seeing the joy in the children’s faces, helping support causes like Shriners and the Community Counseling Center Foundation makes every second worth it. 

“Getting out and raising the funds for folks, to actually be able to make that difference, to help make someone’s day a little better. That’s why I do this,” he said.

Cartoonist Guy Gilchrist has worked with Shriners hospitals in the past. He said being a small part of the work Shriners does to make sure children and their families are taken care of, even when money is tight, is special. 

“They’re taking care of all of that, so that you can concentrate on loving and healing and this time together,” he said. “To be a small part of that is incredible and a great blessing.” 

He also said the emotions he has felt after visiting those hospitals are incomparable. 

“To walk out of there, to experience the faith and the strength of these children, if it doesn’t fill your heart to overflowing, then you’re just not human,” he said. 

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