Highway 61 Yard Sale safety

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – For the past eight years the Jackson Knights of Columbus opened up their parking lots and property to vendors for the Highway 61 Yard Sale. 

They say they want to help to make the event safer for people trying to sell items and shop. 

Knights of Columbus member Tee Trankler says they wanted to make the yard safer.   

“That is the reason we have opened it up,” Trankler said. “We put all the vendors out around the edges, and we have a big parking lot here in the middle and it’s very safe to come up and shop” 

With the yard sale stretching from Bloomsdale to Jackson, and so many people looking for bargains, the risk for potential accidents is high. 

“Because a lot of people are looking at the garage sale and not looking at the highway,” said Trankler. 

Knights of Columbus member David Wikel says that the last big crash he remembers was six years ago. 

“One of those cases, where somebody was looking one direction, thought it was clear, pulled out in front of a car and basically shut down Highway 61 for a good hour that day,” said Wikel.  

His advice to people driving by the sale this week is for everyone to look out for each other.  

“Pay attention. Maybe reduce your speed a little bit, anyway leaving up time a little bit early. Be aware there are people pulling on and off the road all along. And whether it’s your fault or not or if they pull out without looking, we need to all participate in and try to avoid an accident,” said Wikel.  

The yard sale starts Thursday, September 1 and goes through Saturday, September 3. 

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