HopFlyt narrows choices, selects Paducah, Ky. for commercial division

PADUCAH, Ky. (KBSI)- HopFlyt CEO and co-founder, Rob Winston, expressed excitement to be welcomed by the Paducah, Ky., community.

After evaluating recruiting proposals from communities in four states for more than a period of two years, HopFlyt chose Paducah as its place of business and home to HopFlyt’s commercial division of electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

“There’s structure here where we can get the talent, the great, uh, place to live, low cost of living…,” said Winston.

Compounded with local and state incentives that make Paducah an ideal environment for HopFlyt’s growth, working to provide hangar and office space, along with funding for renovations to accommodate HopFlyt’s needs, all the while offering a job increase for the area were all reasons the company decided to set up shop in western Kentucky.

Added Winston: “One of the neat things about our company is that we have a whole line of different type of people we’ll need to work with. Everything from the Ph.D-level engineers on down to that highly skilled labor it takes to make an aircraft.”

In a press release, Winston added that another positive is the professional pipeline that runs from Paducah to the University of Kentucky’s School of Engineering students and its faculty.

Stemming from experience at NASA, the Department of Defense and General Aviation backgrounds, has the patented aircraft maximizing efficiency across all realms of flight.

The company is working on an Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (EVTOL) to allow the movement of people and goods farther, faster, and safer point-to-point.

And as for the job’s growth, the sky is the limit.

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