Jackson Board of Aldermen: ARPA, sidewalks construction, and more

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – The Board of Aldermen meeting took place Monday evening, examining a variety of topics including the Savers Farm Sidewalk discussion from the previous meeting.

The Savers Farm subdivision is currently in phase 8 and 9. As development has been in process, the city has previously asked for sidewalks, which the developers decided to move forward with the sidewalks.

“It seemed as though that was kind of like a touchy subject, if were putting in streets and they’re city streets, we want sidewalks,” explained Megan Andrews, development of Savers Farm Subdivision.

At the previous meeting, several board members were absent, moving a few action items to be pushed back to Monday, September 19.

For the city of Jackson, two deposits of the American Rescue Plan Funds, known as ARPA, were reported as being made which amounts to around $3 million.

The city has not gone over the “10-million-dollar rule” which means the city can use the money how it wants according to the city funds. but has until 2024 to commit to where the funds will go, and until 2026 to spend the money.

“Jason has done a good job, parks, courts, fields, pools, restrooms, we’ve talked about which will be the bulk of the funds,” said Dwain Hahs, Mayor of Jackson.

Like the mayor said, the bulk of the funds are involved with the parks with around $1,300,000 to $1,500,000 being invested.

Several other investments were made to meals on wheels for senior citizens, sidewalks, landscape improvements, tourism, and economic development within the city.

The mayor explained the funds would transform the city by making a major difference with community involvement and creating a more “beautiful” city.

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