Jackson food truck rally kicks off third season

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – The Iron Mountain Whistle Stop Depot played host to opening day of the Jackson Food Truck Rally on Wednesday.

The rally was the vision of Billy and Kristen Lewis, co-owners of Molon Latte, a mobile coffee shop.

The couple put the food truck rally idea into action in Summer 2020.

“People were able to be out in the fresh air and have that togetherness feeling,” Billy Lewis said. “It also allowed the food trucks to still try to get some of the revenue they needed for the year.”

“We really started this for the community,” Kristen Lewis said. “When everyone was stuck inside, we wanted to give those who wanted to come out and be with others a place to do that.”

Not only do food trucks cater to our hunger, but they also cater to our need for interaction.

“We’re social beings. We like to come together, have a good time, and enjoy the company of others,” Billy Lewis said. “When people come up to our food truck, they always leave with a smile. That’s the most rewarding aspect of it.”

“You definitely get to know everyone in the community,” Kristen Lewis said. “You get regulars that will find you and track you down. We also get people who see our flags that are out and they’ll swing through.”

Good times, good food, and good coffee: the ultimate trifecta.

The rally will be held the final Wednesday of every month through September.

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