Jackson Homecomers is back again

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – Jackson Homecomers comes back tomorrow and it will be four nights of rides, games food, and fun.  

 Chairman of Jackson Homecomers committee Larry Koehler tells me that along with local food trucks, there will be music from the local high school band and clubs as well. 

 “So, we have entertainment on the stage every night and it varies it’ll be a different band Try to get the local high school involved,” said Koehler. 

 Every year, the line-up of local entertainment brings a sense of anticipation to the community. 

“We get big crowds something people look forward to every year,” said Koehler. 

 With the big crowds, Sweetheart Florist owner Rebecca McCormick says that many businesses are closed this week because the streets are packed for the event  

 But hers is open to embrace the community. 

“A lot of the businesses go on vacations or close… take time off this week we choose to stay open just to take the opportunity to talk to everybody and visit,” said McCormick. 

 McCormick says she found a way to help her business by dressing up and selling popcorn, drinks, and balloon animals, 

 She says it’s important for her business to adapt for these four days and contribute to the fun. 

 “So, it’s a really good time every night,” said McCormick. 

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