Benton, Ky. police address children driving golf carts

BENTON, Ky. (KBSI) – The Benton Police Department in Kentucky released a statement on Facebook last week regarding children driving on golf carts illegally.

The statement was addressed multiple times throughout the year.

Driving golf carts on public roadways is illegal for all people. Although, complaints are only addressed to the children.

“Within the past few weeks, we’ve had probably four or five complaints either being called in through Facebook private messaging,” said Sgt. Caleb Curtner, Public Information Officer with the Benton Police Department. “But it’s mostly about children on the roadway on golf carts none of them have actually been about adults it has been a strictly children and in most cases of them driving recklessly you know for five kids in one golf cart pulling out in front of vehicles or going through people’s yard that seems to be the general problem that we’re having.”

The police officials want everyone to enjoy life but obey the laws.

Sgt. Curtner explained how the law enforcement does not want to be strict on the kids and write tickets. They desire to find a medium between the people.

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