Kentucky Department of Education awards instructional assistant in Calloway County

CALLOWAY COUNTY, Ky. (KBSI)- In a surprise ceremony, an employee at Calloway County Alternative School was awarded the Kentucky Education Support Staff Professional Award on Monday.

Travis Anderson, Principal for the Calloway County Day Treatment Center says, “Today one of my instructional assistants, Michael Wright, was given the rise award, which distinguishes classified employees in the state of Kentucky.”

The award was given to two individuals chosen amongst 46,000 classified school employees, who are educators, other than certified teachers and administrators.

Principal Anderson goes on to say, “When he was given the award, mentioned Mr. Wright who of course did not know he was receiving this award today, actually swept the gym floor for his own ceremony and didn’t even know it, and that’s just the small example of the kind of employee and person Mr. Wright is.”

The RISE award recognizes classified school employees who have displayed excellence in serving students: going above the call of duty.

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman and the Kentucky Board of Education surprised Wright with the award early Monday morning, with faculty, friends and family on-hand to witness the occasion. Jason E. Glass, the Commissioner of Education and Chief Learner along with Tres Settle, Calloway County Schools Superintendent, displayed the award for Wright as well.

Wright has a long work history in science and business, and he found his love of helping students through his career at Calloway County Day Treatment Center.

Michael Wright, an instructional assistant with Calloway County School Instructional Facility proudly holds his award.

“I came over, loved the place, loved the people, loved the students that was, quite a few years ago, so here I am,” said Wright.

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