Jackson Board of Education members discuss lowered homelessness in schools

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – Members of the Jackson Board of Education discussed several topics in their monthly meeting on Tuesday, but one statistic about homelessness was surprising.

Tuesday night’s meeting was filled with citizens and school board officials as they discussed several topics. The board met for a number of approvals which included budget amendments, lawn mower extension contracts, and a surprising homelessness statistic within the school.

“Our numbers of homelessness reduced from the year before and that was something that was peculiar to us just because we know within the economy and we’re just seeing lots of needs with families lately but basically, we just… we’re kind of I guess just looking to make sure that the families that we have identified are being serviced,” explained Jessica Maxwell, the Associate Superintendent of the Jackson School District.

Homelessness is still an issue, Maxwell mentioned, but she is more than thankful to hear the good news.

“So homeless is a federal program that we can receive federal funding for based on how many students qualify under that homeless status. That would be any kiddos that are considered doubled up maybe with another family, temporarily living in a homeless shelter, anything that is not permanent.”

For people who are less fortunate, she gives hope to those struggling to pay the bills with the homeless program.

Once a student and their family benefits from the program, their status will not change until the end of the year.

“So, any type of barrier that we can reduce or eliminate entirely that’s what we want to do so our kids…our students can be more successful,” continued Maxwell.

The Jackson Board of Education meetings are open to the public and meet at the Jackson High School every second Tuesday of each month.

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