Marble Hill sees growth in small businesses

MARBLE HILL, Mo. (KBSI) – Small businesses are the life of small rural towns and Marble Hill has recently seen many such businesses pop up in the area. 

President of Bollinger County Chamber of Commerce Becky Wiginton and her partners opened up Old Lutes Emporium, a craft mall to help house vendors.  

“We wanted to give people a place to sell their merchandise that couldn’t necessarily afford to have their own storefront or couldn’t leave their job to run a storefront,” said Wiginton. 

Owner of Bill Peters Hardware, Bill Peters says he has seen a lot more businesses pop up in marble hill and that provides a reason for many people to visit the community.  

“Takes a lot to draw people into a business fortunately we’re lucky marble hill has a lot of drawing cards that have more now than I’ve seen possibly growing up there,” said Peters. 

With a town as small as Marble Hill, the presence of small businesses is felt, because other big-name stores are miles away. Residents count on these stores for their needs.  

But Peters understands community support is the biggest importance to small businesses.  

“It it’s vital Simply put we can’t meet our expenses if we don’t have community support,” said Peters. 

For more information, visit Bollinger County Chamber of Commerc’s Facebook page. 

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