March 6-10: Missouri Severe Weather Awareness Week

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Severe weather awareness weather week is this week in Missouri and planning for various emergencies may help save your life!

Cape Girardeau Fire Inspector Drew St. John says that during storms, knowing where to hide in a building is vital.

“Storm shelter is going to be the safest place or a basement; if you don’t have any of those things maybe an interior room of the house something without windows ideally and you know, if you’re say at a school or something like that, you don’t want big open rooms, you want rooms smaller. Nothing like gymnasiums or cafeteria,” said St. John.

Compounded with knowing where to stay in your home or other buildings, having the necessary supplies such as a flashlight and first aid kit is good to have in a bag.

Added St. John: A battery powered weather radio, you know, keep your cell phones charged. You can get apps and receive weather alerts on your phones so make sure that they’re charged up ready to go; flashlights … make sure that they have good batteries in them and have extra batteries for those items.”

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