Recreational marijuana on November ballot in MO

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Many people have been pushing to legalize marijuana for many years, with Colorado one of the first states to legalize marijuana for all uses and purposes.  

Now that push has landed the issue on the Missouri ballot.  

On November 8, residents will be able to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.  

While the issue is finally on the ballot, not everyone agrees this is the best way to legalize the controversial drug. They say the initiative on the ballot isn’t really legalizing marijuana. 

“Legalization but really it’s very limited they don’t they create possession limits and possession penalties so for instance if you under there under the legal Missouri campaign if you possess more than 3 ounces of marijuana you could have a criminal charge you could even have a felony charge if you have over 6 ounces right got to us that’s not legalization,” said Eapen Thampy with Great States Strategies. 

Thampy believes this initiative doesn’t support small marijuana business owners, just big businesses. 

Missouri House Representative Wiley Price IV also expressed his concerns via a Facebook post.  

“There are multiple major issues with this new IP coming. One of which is how tone deaf they are in a time of criminal justice reform on this particular issue,” said Price. 

We couldn’t reach representatives with the “Legal Missouri Campaign” that helped get the issue on the ballot in its current form, but they explained their reasoning in a Facebook post. 

“We wrote the #legalmo22 marijuana legalization language with a quick and efficient implementation timetable in mind to ensure that consumers have safe and legal access expeditiously.” 

With concerns being raised, Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft says that as with all voting issues, he urges people to do their research before coming to a decision. 

“Request a sample ballot and you can get a ballot that will be essentially on Election Day and then read that what officers are you going to be voting for what issues are on the ballot however you make that determination determine what you want to support who you want to support what you don’t want to support and who you want to vote against that’s incredibly important so I encourage all Missourians to get those sample ballots to know what will be on there,” said Ashcroft. 

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