Massac County rolls out crime-fighting app

MASSAC COUNTY, Ill. (KBSI) The Massac County Sheriff’s Department has a new app geared toward fighting crime.

“Yeah, we decided to come up with the app. Kind of a change over from the website. So, I wanted to kind of advance ourselves with with the times. People can use our app, too… you know for weather alerts, for inmate searches, firearms information, you name it we wanted to have all that on there kind of condensed in one place,” said Massac County Sheriff Chad Kaylor.

The app was released fewer than two months ago, and given its newness, no official statistics have been recorded of yet.

However, the app is being credited in helping Kaylor and company solve a missing person’s case.

“We had a missing person case recently. That’s our first time using it, and we did find a person within 24 hours based off from some information we received,” said Kaylor.

The sheriff has high hopes for the app’s future, as he wants many to help keep crime off the streets.

“I’d like to see it, that it possibly could help reduce some of the… the crime or the fentanyl distribution that’s going on based off of the… the tips,” added Kaylor.

The app is free and is available for download on all IOS and Android operating systems.

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