May is Drowning Prevention Month

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KBSI) – It is close to opening day for Cape Splash Family Aquatic Center in Cape Girardeau and May is Drowning Prevention Month. With the opening of the water park on May 28, to reduce and prevent water-related injuries, Aquatics Supervisor Robert Shanahan gives some insight to prevent these unfortunate accidents from happening.

“Supervision is key,” said Shanahan. “If they can’t swim, get a life jacket on them.”

Accidents can happen in every corner where water is involved. Being safe in a pool, river, lake or even the bathtub is a priority. But supervision is again, the key to safety.

“The main priority is we try to get people into swim lessons, basic water safety skills, just so they know how to survive on their own,” he said.

Shanahan also says to buddy up, stay with a friend and swim safely.

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