May the Fourth Be With You at the Carbondale Public Library

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – The force was strong at the Carbondale Public Library on this May the Fourth.

The library hosted “May the Fourth Be With You.” There were Star Wars-themed activities at every turn for fans of all ages.

Whether people were racing the ozobot pods, or making their own light sabers, there was no shortage of fun on this unique day…

In order to make their light sabers, however, participants had to complete the shelf wars scavenger hunt, which teen and youth librarian Liz Hartman says serves a duel purpose.

“That was one thing I wanted to do with this event was library literacy so people can find the resources they need,” Hartman said. “In order to make a light saber, you had to find clues hidden all around the stacks.”

This day was also a chance for people to come together and share this fun with others.

“It seems like people have been having a really great time,” Hartman said. “I’ve loved seeing people race each other on the pod racing. I’ve seen people collaborating on the light sabers together. It’s really fun to see people come together and have fun together.”

And her Baby Yoda costume? How fitting is that?

“I’m thankful to a friend of mine who has this Jedi robe, which I think suits baby Yoda well,” she said. “My friend is 6-foot-5, and I am almost a foot shorter than that, so for Baby Yoda, it’s perfect.”

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