Mayfield-Graves County Need Line Food Pantry still busy after December tornadoes

MAYFIELD, Ky. (KBSI) – In Mayfield, Kentucky a lot of things seem uncertain, in the wake of the December 2021 tornadoes.

But one thing that is certain is the ability to get food supplies from the Mayfield-Graves County Need Line Food Pantry.

Jackie Herndon is the director for the food pantry and says most days they are busy.

The food bank recently received a donation of $2.7 million from Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland. The non-profit organization is expected to donate another $4 million by the end of the year.

“We were able to buy, you can’t see them on your camera, but the commercial refrigerators that’s in the back of the building here, we were able to get three of those,” said Jackie Herndon, Director of Graves-County Need-Line Food Bank. “Now we’re busy. We’re back to numbers like we used to see now.”

After the tornadoes hit, a distribution center was set up for helping people. Now with that coming down, people are looking to the food bank.

To qualify for this program you need to be a resident of Graves-County and meet federal income guidelines.

“And that’s it, if you meet the federal guidelines on the income, and you live in Graves County we’ll make sure you get some food,” Herndon said.

Graves County Need Line Food Pantry
424 South 9th Street
Mayfield, KY
270-247-NEED (6333)

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