Mental Health Awareness: A way to self care

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Finding ways to take care of yourself mentally is just as important as finding services that will take care of you physically. 

With Mental Health Awareness month ending, we want to wrap it up with some simple self-care tips you can use in your everyday life 

Isaac Attias, 180 Fitness club manager, says their gym has lots to offer for those looking to find new hobbies and improve fitness and their mental health.   

“We have yoga classes, kickboxing classes, extreme fitness classes. We’re working on anti-aging classes as well,” said Attias. 

According to, physical activity has a huge potential to enhance a person’s well-being. Activity can increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. 

“It’s an outlet it’s an avenue you can get in here. Let out some of those frustrations and some of that anger out,” said Attis. 

He says he always feels better after a workout.  

“Maybe I’m not having such a great day maybe I don’t feel so well but if I’m able to get that workout in and I always feel better,” said Attias. 

Also paying attention to what you eat can also improve how you feel. 

“I know a lot of folks who on a bad day where things might not necessarily be going their way, they can gravitate towards those junk foods,” Attias said “Being able to overcome those cravings and kind of defeat that could help turn the tide of their day.” 

Isaac encourages people to people to try exercising and eating a good meal when they aren’t feeling their best mentally. 

“I’d say getting outside getting some fresh air exercising outside if that is possible,” said Attias. 

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