Missouri midterm election rapidly approaching

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – The state midterm elections are rapidly approaching.

Missouri voters will be able to select their ideal candidate at the federal and state levels Nov. 8.

Thousands are expected to vote this fall. While this election is not as high profile as the presidential race, the midterm election can still make a big difference, especially at the local level.

“So, we have the November 8 General Election coming up, and it’s going to be a midterm election,” explained Allen Seabaugh, supervisor of elections in Cape Girardeau County. “There’s U.S. Senate on the ballot for Missouri as well as some other statewide offices, county offices, and then several constitutional amendments are on the ballot.”

At the current time, not all Missouri residents are registered to vote.

In 2020, only 70 percent of people were registered in the state.

Seabaugh explains how the local votes make the biggest impact.

“When every time an election season comes around, there a lot of wrong information that circulates, whether it be on social media or elsewhere, and we just encourage anyone that has a question to not be afraid to reach out to us directly,” continued Seabaugh.

Misinterpreted information is often spread around election time. Seabaugh warns citizens who desire to vote to seek the county clerk’s office for accurate information regarding the polls.

If you are unable to vote on November 8, absentee ballots can be requested at the Cape Girardeau County Clerk’s office.

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