More than 150 vendors, 500 students, alumni attend Career Expo at Southeast Missouri State

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – The Southeast Missouri State University Career Expo is an important endeavor for the office of Career Services at the university to prepare students for the workforce when they leave college.

Dan Presson is the director of Career Services at Southeast. He says this is the reason students go to college.

“People still need to prepare for life after graduation,” Presson said. “You need to make sure your resumes are ready, your interviews, your interview skills are ready and in order and to make sure you are ready for the workforce.”

This is where the rubber hits the road. Job seekers are looking for talent everywhere and in everyone.

“Through COVDI, it kind of held people back a little bit,” said Conor Burton, the Outside Sales Engineer for John Henry Foster. “The interactions and the face-to-face contact, the career fair here is a chance for us to get in front of a lot of people.”

Making connections that result in gainful employment is vital, and so is helping students move forward with their aspirations.

“Some of the things I think is extremely valuable for our students is it gives them an opportunity to have some diversity in organizations they otherwise wouldn’t consider as they go out searching for work,” said James Caldwell, the interim director of International Business Programs for the Southeast Missouri State University.

The Southeast Missouri State University Career Fair is growing every year with more than 150 vendors and 500 or more students and alumni attending in September.

“This is a job seeker’s market,” said Presson. “This is the time for job seekers to put themselves out there, really market their skill sets, that showcase the value of their previous work experiences and find what opportunities are out there.”

Tap here to learn more about Career Expos at Southeast Missouri State University.

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