Mounds Head Start Program receives toys from donor

MOUNDS, Ill. (KBSI) – The Head Start Program near Mounds received a bundle of toys for the children.

Mr. Lawrence, a neighbor to the program, says he loves spreading joy for the kids at Christmas.

“Just something, I live right across the street so I see the kids everyday so I just want to do something for them,” Lawrence said.

Every year, Mr. Lawrence, goes around the community and asks for donations from businesses and the community to buy toys for the children.

“Not only did the kids get to take one toy home, they got to take three toys home which was like the best,” said Cindy Rice, the Assistant Site Supervisor at Mounds Head Start.

This is the 12th year Mr. Lawrence has done the donation.

The Southern 7 Head Start Program is a federally funded program and always in need of classroom supplies and donations.

“Well, everybody needs cheering up and Christmas is a great time to show your love for each other,” said Nicole Caballero, another community donor.

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