Competitors test endurance in first-ever Mythic Race

BENTON, Mo. (KBSI) – Many people came to the Benton Speedway Saturday to test their body and mental strength at the first-ever Mythic Race. 

William Shell, owner and race director, says this race is for both serious competitors and people looking for fun.  The race consisted of 3.1 miles with more than 25 challenging obstacles. There were three race options: single lap competitive, single lap open and a five hour multi-lap endurance event.

Shell is familiar with obstacle courses himself. He said he has more the 50 or 60 races under his belt in about five years of competing. 

“I saw a couple of local brands saw them then and thought I can do this myself and bring it here so people can experience what I experienced,” said Shell. 

The race did what Shell wanted. It brought challengers from all over such as Caleb Tucker.  

 “I’m from St. Louis and saw some stuff on Facebook had some great things from another local race up there and was really excited to come out.” said Tucker.  

The first time every mythic race is seen as a success and William’s advice to people with their eye on this challenge is to just start. 

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