New bridge, sidewalks to replace low-water bridge in Jackson

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – The low-water bridge on Mary Street in Jackson has to be shut down frequently because of flooding, but that will change in a year’s time when the West Mary Street Bridge and Sidewalks Improvement Project is complete. 

The Jackson Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday to approve $1,643,870.58 to replace the low-water bridge with a high-water one and construct sidewalks on either side of the bridge that will stretch up and down Mary Street, allowing increased foot traffic to and from Jackson City Park.

Jackson Public Works Director Kent Peetz says a number of factors played into the idea of constructing a new bridge. 

“Mary Street is more of a collector street since Washington Street got closed where it connects to Highway 61,” he said. “Because it’s more of a collector street, there’s more traffic, and we have to block it off when it rains because the water comes over the low-water bridge. A high-water bridge is much safer.” 

That traffic flow has been a concern with Jackson residents for years. 

“The flow of traffic was one of the main concerns that people presented to us when we did a survey a few years ago asking people what were their number one priorities in the city of Jackson,” Peetz said. “And so by fixing this low-water crossing and making it a high-water crossing, it never gets closed, and it makes it a lot safer for pedestrians because it’s next to the park.” 

Construction will begin in August 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in July 2023.

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