Williamson County Sheriff’s Department rolls out new contraband system

WILLIAMSON CO., Ill. (KBSI) – The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department received a new contraband detection system which will allow jail staff to detect objects using X-ray technology.

The new system was purchased through the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) that was received in response to COVID.

The system uses X-ray technology at low radiation exposure to detect liquids, all metals, and minerals, such as stones.

“Well, previously, you had to put down someone when they came in,” said Lt. Robert Owsley with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department. “There was no way to put into a scanner to detect and of course human error as well as people are really good at hiding stuff. Things get through, things pass through. This way we can ensure by doing a body scan that something’s not going to pass through.”

Owsley explained this will help increase the safety of the inmates and security of the corrections facility.

“It’s going to increase the security of the corrections facility a lot better because now you’re going to be more [sure] that there’s not something bad getting in there, and when I say bad, I mean contraband that we don’t want in the facility,” said Owsley.

The whole-body detection system has already been in use and has been providing results since September.

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