One City offers Work Life classes to teach job preparedness

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – A local non-profit organization is providing a boost to members of the community who need a little extra help getting their lives on the right track. 

Christina Cheek, One City work-life coordinator, says the program fills a need that has been heard from the community. 

One City is helping community members build work-life skills through a 15-course program. 

They welcome all members of the community who are in need of building skills to overcome the unique challenges and obstacles in their lives. 

Issues that have held them back maybe they do have a criminal record and that prevents them from maybe getting into a job that they would like to like to have and so figuring out ways that if there is a barrier like that how can they work around that and what are some ways that we can help them,said Cheek.  

The courses focus on topics that will translate from work to real life, including how to make and keep a budget, and how to network and make lasting relationships. 

As much as we try not to bring our personal life into the workplace, we know that all of that’s connected and how we’re doing at home affects how we’re doing at work and vice versa,” said Cheek. 

The hope is for class participants to develop the confidence they need to achieve life goals. 

What do I need? What does it take for me to get a promotion? What does it take for me to be a manager? And learn how to ask those questions and have the confidence to do that,” said Cheek. 

The program also provides a way for those who complete it, to give back to the community. 

“And so, I think a lot of people who come through our program they feel like so many people helped me that then they’re like how do I how can I help other people and so a lot of people who end up going through our class there they’re also serving in our community,” said Cheek. 

A new session of the Work-Life class is set to begin Tuesday, June 7, and will last for about 15 weeks. 

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