Osage Centre hosts Winter Garage Sale

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The winter garage sale at the Osage Centre is a great opportunity for vendors to sell off items they don’t need any more and for people in the community to find hidden treasures.

“This one they specialized a lot of them in selling all of the extra Christmas decorations and stuff that they have or extra things they got at Christmas and they’re needing to get rid of,” said Lawrence.

The winter garage sale was Saturday. It was a chance to sell items or find hidden treasures. It’s one of four garage sales that will happen this year at the Osage Centre. 

Dianne Lawrence, assistant rec division manager, says the Osage Centre is a great location for this event to help draw more people in.

“So, it gives people a good location to get everybody in one location which generally is going to draw more people,” said Lawrence.

A person drawn to this sale is Heather Conaway who is selling items herself. 

“We actually came to the yard sales back in December and thought it would be a good opportunity to come set up and we’re doing pretty good so far,” said Conaway.

Conaway says the Osage Centre space is a good place for setting up and bringing in a crowd.

“This event is a good opportunity for a bunch of people in the community to come out together and just kind of set up and I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my closet so come out and buy something,” said Conaway.

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