Paducah International Raceway reopens after four years

PADUCAH, KY (KBSI)- The Paducah International Raceway has been quiet for the past four years, but that’s all going to change.

New owners, Adam and Brittany Elliott recently purchased and reopened the track, leaving the community excited and ready for new and exciting events to come in the near future.

The racetrack’s opening day brought in more than 6,000 people to the area. That means local restaurants got a financial boost when everyone left the racetrack to grab a bit to eat.

“I didn’t really realize how excited everybody was until people got here, and then seeing first hand everybody’s reaction and how many people came to support us, I can say, I can tell you this they were really really excited by it,” said Adam Elliott, owner of Paducah International Raceway (PIR).

Elliot plans to hold more event at the PIR such as concerts, monster truck jams, fairs and festivals.

The hope for the racetrack is for the community to be able to come together for more events.

Tyler Bell, marketing manager for PIR, has big plans alongside the owners to make the raceway bigger and better.

“We have everything we want to do here from festivals, demolitions, derbies, monster trucks,” said Bell.” The reaction from the community was absolutely overwhelming. It was so much bigger then we ever anticipated. A record setting night. It was overwhelming, awesome though, truly awesome.”

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