Parent Protech; How learning about technology can keep your children safe


Do you feel like your child knows more about social media and technology then you do?

Well, a new program, Parent Protech helps you to navigate those social media apps and teaches you about the technology your kiddos might be using.

“We started building Parent Protech, to be a resource to families and to help them, empower them with the tools and knowledge they need to safely navigate technology.”

This is Brock Murphy, a Cape Girardeau native who graduated from Texas A&M and worked with well-known inventor, Elon Musk.
Now Murphy is the Co-founder and President of Parent Protech, along with John Keifner and Drew Wooten. They have invented a program to help parents navigate the technology their kids handle every day. It’s a problem Murphy came to realize was happening more often than not. “Being approached by parents and strangers, people just had questions about technology like what app they should get for their child, what device they should get for their child, and kind of the list went on and on and quickly realized that parents were looking for help when it comes to how to navigate technology, and there was no real good reliable updated spot, for them to turn to.”

Being better equipped to protect your children from the pressures of online bullying and even trafficking is something every parent should have knowledge of.

But it also comes down to whether technology can be harmful for your children, with lower reading levels, lower ACT scores and shortened attention spans being recorded across the country.

Murphy adds, “We’re looking at the long-term impacts that technology is having on kids, and how that impacts education and how they learn.”

Schools in the Cape Girardeau area and beyond have already started using the program for their students and parents, but Murphy says this is a tool he wants everyone to use.
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