Rifle deer season to start Saturday in Missouri, safety a top priority

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With the rifle portion of deer season in Missouri just days away, safety is the number one priority.

Especially if you happen to enjoy some adult beverages while at camp, accidents can happen. To avoid these accidents, Russell Duckworth of the Missouri Department of Conservation said your head is your best weapon. 

“There are lots of issues that can come from drinking and hunting, so we don’t want people to fall into that trap,” he said. “Just use good judgment while you’re in deer camp. Enjoy it with your friends, your family, your hunting buddies, whoever that is, but just be mindful of what you’re doing because you don’t want those lifelong consequences to get you while you’re there, so just use good judgment.” 

As deer populations continue to grow, combine that with the fact that it is breeding season, Sgt. Clark Parrott of the Missouri Highway Patrol says you never know when or where you may encounter these animals. 

“Used to in Missouri, you could kind of tell where the deer were going to be at, but now the deer population has just exploded over the last 15, 18 years,” he said. “Deer are everywhere. You could drive down the middle of Cape Girardeau and see large herds of them, so we just encourage people to be mindful. Deer are prevalent everywhere, in every county, in every corner of Missouri.” 

With Chronic Wasting Disease spreading throughout the state, Duckworth encourages hunters to educate themselves on the rules for sampling. 

“I would encourage people to pick up a deer pamphlet and make sure that they understand what the rules are,” he said. “They do change from year-to-year based on where we find new positive cases, but just check in with us to make sure you know what those regulations are.” 

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