Safety tips for Halloween

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – Thousands of children and adults will be out this Halloween and trick -or- treating at night can be a lot of fun but also very dangerous. 

I spoke with the Regional Communication Manager at American Red Cross Brian Williamsen who says making sure you and your children are visible at night is important.  

“Face paint is usually preferred over maybe the full mask that might go over you know the child’s head just so they have a better opportunity you know to see what’s around them as well but send your child out with a flashlight that assumes your child, of course, is old enough to be going out by himself if not certainly make sure that you do accompany your child,” said Williamsen. 

Driver safety is important at all times of the year, but Williamsen says during Halloween night drivers should be extra cautious just like the first day back to school.  

“Really so you know similar to perhaps when students go back to school, you’re going to see more people out more pedestrians out on the roads more children of course in this case and so really you want to go extra slow when you’re going through neighborhoods or otherwise for that matter on Halloween because there likely will be kiddos and their parents out going trick or treating,” said Williamsen. 

 Staying visible at night is important but the number one job for parents once the candy is given out is to check the candy.  

Williamsen says to look for loose candy. 

But to also make thorough checks as there has been cases of children receiving drugs that look like candy and items like needles or razors hidden in candy.  

But for those who are staying in during the Halloween hours Williamsen has safety tips as well.  

“Maybe you are someone who is not going trick or treating or you don’t have kids going out but maybe you’re going to have folks come in to trick or treat there at your door make sure of course that you know your light is on the area is lit and go ahead and you know clear off those leaves and anything that might be in the way any debris so that if sugar feeders do come to your door do you have a safe way to do that,” said Williamsen. 

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