Save money and avoid scams this back-to-school season

Back To School Composition

CAPE GIRARDEAU, M.O. (KBSI) — The Better Business Bureau is sharing some shopping advice as families prepare for schools to reopen over the next few weeks.

First, ask for discounts. The BBB says many stores and software companies have discounts, even if they’re not advertised. Some may only be available to students with a “.edu” email address or a student ID. Others provide discounts for signing up for advertisement notifications, marketing campaigns, and traditional coupons as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask, even if you don’t see a deal advertised at the store.

If a teacher ask you to purchase supplies that the whole class will share, consider buying in bulk, and sharing the cost with other parents.

Also, your state may have a tax-free weekend, enabling you to buy clothes, school supplies and other items without paying sales tax.

In the case of big ticket items like expensive laptops, tablets or other computer accessories, research the brands, warranty, customer reviews and prices at various stores to make sure the best deal can be had.

When shopping online, be wary of clickbait when looking for the best deals. Those are ads posted by scammers that include items based on your search history. They take you to sites that look real, but are just trying to steal your personal information. You can avoid becoming their next victim by going directly to a store’s website.

Make sure to use a credit card as well. Most include fraud policies that protect you from having to to pay for fraudulent purchases.

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