Shop Small Saturday slated for this weekend

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Do you have an idea of your shopping plans for the holidays?

Shop Small Saturday is slated for the post-Thanksgiving Saturday, where you can buy locally and support area businesses: keeping the money right here in the local economy.

Learning how to make that financial impact and learning about dollars that are spent locally tend to circulate locally this time of the year.

“So, you can make that impact of investing locally multiple times. Anywhere between 8 and 13 times that that dollar will turn over into local businesses and local economy,” said Rob Gilligan, president of the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce.

By preserving those local, unique businesses that we like to talk about, spending money with them helps to preserve their business success and long-term impact of turning a dollar.

“It’s an encouragement that while we understand the shopping season and the tradition of heading to big box retailers is always a great opportunity — maybe spending your dollar locally on Saturday is a great opportunity to support local businesses,” said Gilligan.

So, when you shop locally, those local businesses reinvest the aforementioned profits at the local level: whether it’s in staffing or store upgrades. All in all, it helps the local merchants thrive a bit more.

“It adds a vibrancy and a uniqueness to your community,” Gilligan said. “One of the things that’s great about small business Saturday is finding those small, local businesses that are unique to the community, and [the] hope that you can preserve. Those are the ones you like to show off when you have visitors come into town.”

Shop Small Saturday begins this weekend after the holiday and the best gift you can give local businesses is your support.

Along with investing your support, some shops even offer a goody bag or small token of appreciation to their customers.

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