What inflation? Current rate of 7.1% is the lowest of 2022

Shoppers ignore state of inflation; head out for post-holiday shopping

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Even with the current state of inflation, holiday shopping continued to take center stage Monday.

Mississippi Mutts is a small business shop for pets, and owner Sherry Gennings says inflation didn’t have an affect on post-Christmas shoppers, who continued coming through the door on Monday.

“We had very busy days,” said Barb Folker, manager of Mississippi Mutts. “Everybody was buying for their dogs and their cats. And we had a very good year.”

Even compared to last year when prices were seemingly lower, customers made their presence felt.

“Yeah, we beat last year,” Gennings added. “And despite [the] increased pricing at that.”

Inflation, while reports show it is beginning its descent, has hit the nation hard, causing prices to rise, even dog food.

Currently, inflation resides at 7.1%, its lowest level of 2022.

“They’re not happy with the price increase, but we don’t, we try to keep it as good as we can,” Folker said.

Pet owners are not going to let their animals go hungry, and while there are discounted brands, just like in all walks of life: you get what you pay for.

“Even though the price goes up, they still want their pets healthy, and they’re willing to pay a little bit more to get them what they need,” Gennings said.

“We hate seeing the price increase also,” said Folker.

Local businesses distribute their profits at the local level, including events or sponsoring local teams in the community.

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